Pioneers in Eco-tourism

By operating a business, we recognize that we have an impact on our environment. But we are committed to minimizing our negative impact as much as possible, focusing on creating positive change in the world through outstanding and pioneering eco-tourism.

We have already taken steps to tread as gently as possible in the natural world, and have a specific plan to achieve our ambitious goals for the future. Let us introduce you to a few of the things we are most proud of

Climate-positive boat tours

Our vessel, Ecosphere I, is equipped with a zero-emission electric engine, which we use as the sole source of propulsion for 80% of the tour. To offset emissions generated during the remaining 20% of the tour, we purchase carbon offsets to net our impact to zero. 

By 2023 we plan to offer our customers an easy and accessible way to buy carbon-offset for the journey to Victoria, so that every aspect of your Ecosphere experience can be climate-positive. 

Scheduled for launch in 2024, the Ecosphere II will be 100% emission free. Equipped with an all electric prime mover engine, and generating systems like water turbines, solar paint and cells, Ecosphere II will set a new standard for sustainable small passenger vessel operations.

Ecosphere Coastal Tours Legacy Fund

We’re giving back to our community through the Ecosphere Coastal Tours Legacy Fund. We donate 2.5% of every ticket sold to the Ecosphere Fund at Victoria Foundation. This fund supports local charitable organizations who work hard to protect our environment. At the end of every season, our staff selects the organizations to support.