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This is nature like you never imagined


Marine Eco-Tours from Victoria’s, Oak Bay Marina

From the water’s edge to the mysteries of the sea floor, discover what the ocean can teach us.

Marine Eco-Tours EXPERIENCE 

Imagine a marine tour where the only sounds are water lapping against the hull, seagulls arguing over a tasty crab on the beach, the rush of salty wind through your hair.

The sea air is fresh and the conversation is easy.

That’s what it’s like aboard the Ecosphere I, our one-of-a-kind landing craft with a zero emissions electric auxiliary engine, and equipped to export the diverse life in these sacred islands.


Journey to the Salish sea

Come aboard with our expert guides as we explore the ecosystems unique to our coast. Roll up your sleeves for hands on citizen science as our marine biologists and naturalists reveal the complex balance in a healthy ecosystem.

This fascinating glimpse into our local wild spaces will open your eyes to the wonders of land and sea. Get ready to experience wildlife up close, with a light foot print as we go.

We’ll take you on a journey into nature that just might change you forever

Join our ecologists, historians, captains & storytellers 

On an expedition of discovery through the pristine waters of
Chatham and Discovery Islands (TL’CHES)


Your partner in scientific exploration and conservation

We’re pleased to offer charter services of our vessel, equipment, and crew to companies, organizations, and institutions engaged in environmental research, habitat restoration, and education.

From student excursions and academic research to government studies and non profit conservation, we’re committed to partnerships that advance the preservation of our local ecosystems.

The film industry and companies with coastal and island infrastructure to maintain are clients too. We are equipped to handle cargo up to 2,500 kg and to provide a stable floating platform for a diverse range of projects.

Daily Tours

Departing from Oak Bay Marina at 10am.
Phone ahead at (250) 240-0084 to book.

Custom Tours

Our tours are customizable.
From beach cleanups to marine life discovery and even nature walks, we can make an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.
All tours take around 3 hours (depending on variables like tides and weather) and depart from the Oak Bay Marina.

Use the form below to design your journey.